Thank you for choosing this firm to attend to your tax and financial needs.

 Can you please provide the following information. This will allow us to access your information on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) computer, review your history and download data necessary to assist you with your tax returns or enquiries.


Have you spoken to any member of our team?

As your accountant and representative with the Australian Taxation Office we will attend to all your request and instructions in a competent and timely manner.

Your information will remain confidential at all times and will not be released to any party without your consent.

Our fees are based on the service provided and will be determined by the complexity and amount of time taken  to complete your work.

Payment of our account for services can be made in the following manner:

Option 1   –         Via debit/credit card (quickest way to get your refund or settle your account.)

Option 2   –         Via fee from your tax refund (via our client trust account) if we have prepared your tax return.

Payment of our fees is expected at the completion of our work unless otherwise agreed.

Kind regards

Simon Leech

Principal Accountant

C J Leech & Co, VA Tax & Qantax